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Friday, October 5, 2012


We have some interesting events planned for Samhain
Anyone wanting to know the origins of the world famous Halloween celebrations would be well advised to come along..
30th & 31st October 2012

Medb's Samhain,

A performance, telling some of the stories connecting Queen Medb, the warrior queen of Connacht, and the festival of Samhain.
(€5 per person)  2pm

A Tour of the Cave of The Cats,

The spiritual and legendary history of  the cave known at one time as the Hellmouth of Ireland,  Oweynagat and its importance at Samhain.
(€5 per person)    3pm

And only on   Tuesday  30th October 2012

Above Earth, Below Earth

Poetry and  Art Multimedia  Presentation With  poet Michael O’Dea and artist Elaine Leigh. The Poet and Artist explore themes on Megalithic sites, their legends and stories, especially relevant at this time of year at  5pm

Special price on Tuesday for all events.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heritage and
 Culture Week
Heritage Craft Workshops
Friday 14th September
Crochet Day
Tuesday 18th September
Intro to Early Irish Poetry
Friday 21th September
Culture Night
RDS National Prize Winners Travelling Exhibition Opening.
  Heritage Craft Workshops
Crochet Day with Aoibhe Ni Shúilleabháin
Friday 14th September
 11 am Beginners Crochet - 2 hours
Beginning Baby Steps, a good foundation for anyone curious what this crochet business is all about. All materials supplied. Usual price 10 per person, thanks to OPW sponsorship, now just 5 per person. Places are limited so book early!
2 pm Flower Crochet - 2 hours
Make a flower using traditional techniques - learn to produce an Irish Crochet Lace Dog Rose. Realise the potential a few stitches actually have, and create beautiful, original, decorative and craft items for your home, for unique gifts, and much more! Usual price 10, thanks to OPW sponsorship, now just 5 per person. Places are limited so book early!
Why not avail of our full day, Heritage Craft Package, when pre-booking both workshops, including lunch in the Rathcroghan Café, (home-made soup and sandwich plus tea or coffee) what should cost you 29, you can have for just 15 if you book now!
All samples and flowers created through out Heritage Craft Workshop can be exhibited as part of our Culture Night Craft Exhibition, in conjunction with the RDS and Roscommon Co Co. at 6 pm Friday 21st September 2012

Introduction to Irish Poetry with Lora O’Brien
Tuesday 18th September
11 am Introduction to Early Irish Poetry - 2 hours
A look at structure, composition and examples of early Irish poetry, and a chance to compose your own in a supportive, creative environment. Usual price 10 per person, thanks to OPW sponsorship, now just 5 per person. Places are limited so book early!
Why not avail of our full day, Heritage Craft Package, when pre-booking both workshops, including lunch in the Rathcroghan Café, (home-made soup and sandwich plus tea or coffee) what should cost you 19, you can have for just 10 if you book now!
All poetry created through out Heritage Craft Workshop can be exhibited as part of our Culture Night Craft Exhibition, in conjunction with the RDS and Roscommon Co Co. at 6 pm Friday 21st September 2012

Culture Night
Friday 21st September 2012
RDS Craft Exhibition Launch
RDS National Prize Winners Travelling Exhibition will be launched at 6 pm Friday 21st September 2012
Locals and visitors across the island of Ireland will enjoy the unique experience of Culture Night, a free night of entertainment, discovery and adventure taking place in 34 towns, cities and islands in Ireland. Museums, galleries, churches, historic houses, artist studios and cultural centres will open their doors late into the evening, welcoming people of all ages to taste and sample their cultural delights for free.
The exhibition at the Rathcroghan Centre will be launched at 6pm with a wine and cheese reception and will be open to the public for viewing and sales, from 12-2pm, Monday to Saturday, until 14th October, 2012.
Also on this night;
Poetry and  Art Multimedia  Presentation
Above Earth, Below Earth
With Michael O’Dea and Elaine Leigh
The Poet and  Artist explore the themes on Megalithic sites,   their legends and stories.
Readings and exhibitions by local poets and crafters
Taken from the Heritage Workshops run by the Rathcroghan Centre.

Brought to you by Rathcroghan Visitors Centre, Roscommon Co Co, RDS, Temple Bar Cultural Trust, OPW and The Dept of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Walk and Talk Around Rathcroghan Mound

A Walk And Talk Around Rathcroghan Mound

As part of Heritage Week we have;

 On Sunday 19th August;

 A Walk And Talk Around Rathcroghan Mound

by Joe Fenwick and Roseanne Schot (NUIG) Assembling at Rathcroghan / Cruachan Ai Heritage Centre, Tulsk, at 2.00pm for a brief illustrated presentation prior to proceeding (By own transport) to Rathcroghan Mound car park (situated 5km west of Tulsk on the N5). Or assemble at Rathcroghan Mound car park at 3.00pm to join the Walk and Talk there. Not to be missed by anyone interested in the archaeology of this important ancient royal site.

On Tuesday 21th August;
Tain Tales: A Woman, A Man and A Bull
Bernadette D'Alton. Presentations at 11.00am & 2.00pm at Rathcroghan / Cruachan Ai Heritage Centre.
The story of the Tain, with minimal actors and props, in fact you could find yourself being Cuchulainn, Fergus or even Medb herself! A (re)telling of the story from Medb's POV. And she's ready to share....

On Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd & Friday 25th August;
A Walk and Talk about Oweynagat Cave
Gary Dempsey will take a guided tour to the Otherworld. The archaeology, history and mythology of this fascinating site. Bring a change of clothes (only joking  [maybe]). Starts at Rathcroghan / Cruachan Ai Heritage Centre on these days at 2.00pm.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm not sure why but we've had an explosion of bats lately. Not literally, that would be fairly gruesome but in numbers flying around and sleeping the days away in the sunny exhibition space. Vitamin D deficiency like the rest of us? We've had to assist (no contact of course) several of them to high places ready for the night time, the ones already high up can shift for themselves when the darkness comes and the place is quiet. It's nice to see them back. I'll post pictures.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Medb’s Lughnasadh Games 2012

Family Fun Day
 Sunday 29th July
Lughnasadh Games
BBQ and Bouncy Castle
Live Music
Running, Jumping, Throwing
Poetry, Singing, Storytelling
Dress like a warrior.
Design your own royal standard.
Make your own medieval pots
Craft Stalls, Historical
Re-enactments, Workshops
 Entrance is Free.

We really want to mark Lughnasadh with some games this year so we're combining the summer Open Day on the 29th July with a few children's games, races and quizzes, with some dressing up and storytelling thrown in. 
Luckily we're getting together with the Tulsk Inn across the way, who will be organizing the BBQ and the Bouncy Castle for the day and also have live music in the evening so it will be a great day for all.

In Irish mythology the Lughnasadh festival is said to have been first held by Lugh, as funeral games to honour his foster-mother Tailtiu, the Fir Bolg Goddess who died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland in preparation for Agriculture.
The first location of the Aenach Tailteann gathering was at Teltown, between Navan and Kells, Co Meath. Historically this was a contest of strength and speed as well as skill and agility. The festival was a time of truce with competition on the sporting field not the battle field. The Lughnasadh Games began as early as the Bronze Age. Offerings to the God Lugh took place on hilltops like nearby Loughcrew. (These games were visited by many foreign traders wanting to sell their goods, some of these we know came from Greece. It is possible that they carried back the idea of warrior Games and so began the Olympics.) 

The festival survived as the Taillten Fair for many centuries. It was a market fair with first fruits for sale and many items made during the winter on display. Races were held, particularly horse races through the Blackwater River. It was revived for a time after Independence as the Taillten Games. 

Sometimes called the Gathering of Lugh, it coincides with the weening of lambs born at Imbolc and the shearing of sheep. It celebrates the protective power of Lugh, who presides over it and is honoured as a guardian of the wild and of cultivated crops.

 The famous Teltown Marriage also originates from this festival. These were temporary unions, in keeping with Brehon Law, that were entered into during the festival. This was done by holding hands, or handfasting, through a holed stone on the site. Some would last a day, others as long as a year and a day. These were contracts not sacraments and both had to agree to the terms. The marriage was dissolved by each walking in opposite directions from the stone.

Just as Brigid was asked to temper the winter elements at Imbolc, so Lugh was asked to temper the heat of summer at it's hottest time to allow the crops to ripen and not wither. Thunderstorms are considered a good omen at this time.
(I know we want a good omen from Lugh but could it be blazing sun instead? The Sunburst is, after all, the emblem of Royal Connacht.) 

Get ready, get set.....RUN!

Proudly Sponsored by the OPW 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self Catering Accommodation in Tulsk


Phyllis Jordan and her family invite you to stay at one of their three luxury self catering apartments- all set in a lovely country area.
  • Perfect for touring Rathcroghan, World Heritage Site nominee.
  • Central for four golf courses.
  • Famous for game and course fishing with 14 lakes within easy reach.
  • Ideal for cycling and walking.
  • Area rich in history and archaeology.
The Granary is an old converted grain store with original stonework set in the countryside with large gardens. It has been tastefully refurbished into a 2-bedroom self-catering apartment.
Caddlebrook was an old schoolhouse which was converted into two luxury 2-bedroom self catering apartments.

To book your holiday or for further details please contact:
Mrs Phyllis Jordan, Ballyglass, Ballingare, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.

Telephone: 086 1721476
International: 00353 86 1721476

Failte Ireland Approved Accommodation near Tulsk

GLEESONS TOWNHOUSE AND RESTAURANTLinkMarket Square, Roscommon, County Roscommon

Telephone: 090 6626954
International: 00353 90 6626954
Discover Ireland Listing

Castlerea, County Roscommon

Telephone: 094 620014
International: 00353 94 620014
Discover Ireland Listing

Rooskey, Carrick On Shannon, County Roscommon

Telephone: 071 9638095
International: 00353 71 9638095

Discover Ireland Listing

Monday, January 30, 2012

February 2012 Events in Tulsk

THIS POST IS FOR 2012 EVENTS!  For this year, please see January & February Events 2013

St. Brigid’s Cross Workshop
Wednesday 1st February, come any time from 2pm to 4.30pm
Learn how to make these traditional Irish symbols to help bring the healing and strength of St. Brigid, Mary of the Gael, into your life this year.
See different styles and examples, and some of the history and associations of this time of year. Family €10, Individual €4, includes free tea, coffee, and juice for the kids.
Imbolg Candlelit Procession
Community celebration to welcome Spring. Gather in Rathcroghan Carpark at 5pm on Wednesday 1st February, finished by 6pm.
Irish Gods and Goddesses Workshop
Saturday 24th February, 2pm to 5pm - Find your connection with the old Gods of Ireland. Cost €10, includes free tea and coffee.
Tarot Workshop
Sunday 25th February, 2pm to 5pm – practical introduction to the history, use and skill of reading tarot cards. Cost €10, includes free tea and coffee.
Cruachan Crafters - Weekly Meeting
Thursday mornings, 10am to 12noon. Cruachan Aí Heritage centre, Tulsk. Great social networking, creative inspiration and support for all Crafters… what are you waiting for?!
Wool Scrappage Scheme
Do you have any old balls of wool, bits of fabric, or other craft items, lying around and cluttering up your house? Why not clear the air by donating them to the Cruachan Crafters community Wool Scrappage Scheme? All donations kindly received at the Cruachan Ai Centre, Tulsk, and will be utilized in upcoming community projects.