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Friday, September 27, 2013

Queen Medb of Rathcroghan

A Woman’s Place: the Functions of Queen Medb in Irish Gaelic Literature
‘Celtic’ warrior Queen of Connacht, a sovereignty Goddess, guardian and initiator, with fierce sexual prowess and an arrogance that led her men to downfall. This is the general vernacular perception and discussion of Medb today (according to the author’s daily experience managing the Rathcroghan Visitor Centre), but what is this perception based on? This essay will examine references to the Queen Medb (Maeve) character in Irish literary sources, and catalogue the recorded themes. These are by no means comprehensive listings, but an adequate sampling as space allows for the purposes of a foundational essay. Further research is needed on Medb, and particularly interesting will be that which looks at the social, political, and cultural context in which her tales were recorded, and the influence that Gaelic culture wrought on the character development of the Connacht Queen.
 Full article by Lora O'Brien is available for download on the website:

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Goddess Gathering Roscommon November 2013

Goddess Gathering Ireland 2013, in the Spiritual Capital of Connacht - Rathcroghan

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th November, Irish Goddesses come home for the Goddess Gathering Ireland 2013!

Rathcroghan Visitor Centre presents the third ‘Spiritual Capital of Connacht’ Conference Weekend, in Tulsk, Co. Roscommon, home of the Celtic Warrior Queen Medb (Maeve) and Battle Goddess, the Mórrigan.  Our theme this year is theGoddess Gathering, and we are inviting all who love the rich history, mythology, and culture of the strong Irish Goddess (and Irish women!) to come home, and join our Goddess Gathering spiritual conference in Roscommon 2013.

The weekend programme covers a wide range of interests - from the academic to the feminist to new age and celtic spirituality - and we actively encourage cross discipline discussion and learning throughout the event.

Our presenters and attendees are travelling from Ireland, and all over the world, to learn the Irish names, enjoy Irish food, and make friends with like minded people.  This event is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, as well as an exploration of Goddess culture and studies in Ireland, and is fast becoming one of the most interesting things to do in Ireland.

If you're planning a trip this year, but don't know yet what to do in Ireland, this event in Rathcroghan, Ireland's Spiritual Heartland, is one of the most interesting things to do, and unique places to visit, that you can choose.

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