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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Discovery Programme 2008 Week 3

What an educating week, after watching the guys getting back down to last years levels I finally got the chance to spend a week on site trowelling. The first thing I learned is that life is not always fair.

I was helping a guy called Duggan in a slot trench for a couple of days. Various layer changes were coming to light as well as a possible early christian boundary but there were no artifacts showing up in the material.

Wouldn't you know it, Duggan flew back to the States and the next day I uncovered a possible copper fastener and Jenny who was also in the trench found a really nice flint thumb scraper; hard luck Duggan, still if you had not sweated to create the trench we would not have found the artifacts.

There are a wide variety of pieces coming to light including a myriad of animal bones that were used as fill, antlers, lots of slag from an area probably used for metalworking, bone needles and buttons, coins and much much more.
Along with the artifacts building boundaries continue to be exposed, so the Discovery Programme are starting to get a really comprehensive picture of the way the building morphed over its lifetime.

Lets hope that the weather is kind to us next week and further progress is made otherwise I will be using the flooded slot trench to improve my front crawl.

Cheers for now.

Mike Croghan

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