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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Discovery Programme, Week 5

So here we are on week five of the dig.

The discovery programme guys are up in Dublin presenting papers at the world archaeology conference and the mound is breathing a sigh of relief (but not for long) as next week sees the commencement of the second session.

Session one has uncovered yet more areas of interest including a grain drying kiln, an area covered with slag from metalworking, a potential boundary from an early christian ring fort and portions of a large decorated rotary quern stone.

If you are interested in seeing the dig in action you are most welcome to call into the Cruachan Ai visitors centre. If you would like a full run down on the dig then call over on the 24th of July.

This is the open day when tours will be taking place from 2pm. It is a great opportunity to get a full explanation of the work being carried out and the further aims of the Discovery Programme.

To all the volunteers from session one, thanks a million for your help and dedication. A sense of humour is essential when the rain is spilling from the heavens and you guys certainly made me laugh (keep singing the song Sydney).

I will endeavour to get some photos uploaded in the next few days so keep tuning in for updates.

Mike Croghan

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