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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medieval Midsummer Festival, Saturday Schedule

Saturday, 25th June 2011

12pm, Elder Workshop. Discover the history, folklore and practical uses of one of our most common native plants. Just €3 per person, Suitable for adults and children 8 and up.

2pm, "Ogham in Medieval Ireland", by John Paul Patton, author of 'The Poet's Ogham: A Living Magical Tradition'. €4 per person.
Website for 'The Poet's Ogam'.

3pm, "Nostalgia and Reinvention: How Medieval Irish scholars tried to make sense of ancient traditions", by Isolde Carmody. Covers the genealogies which tried to untie family histories, Irish mythology, medieval glosses on Ogham which created the 'tree alphabet', Biblical and Classical traditions, and the synthetic etymologies of the Glossaries. €4 per person.

4pm, "Tour of Medieval Tulsk", with Archaeologist John Sinnott and Historian Bernadette D'Alton. €4 per person.

5pm, "A Midsummer Night's Dream", with Maia Mathieu. Round table reading of an abridged version of the famous Medieval Play. €3 per person.

Day Tickets, all events - Special Rate of €15!

Supported by the Heritage Council of Ireland and Roscommon County Council. All proceeds to support Cruachan Ai Heritage Centre, a community project.

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