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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 2011 Events in Roscommon

After a busy Samhain at Cruachan Ai, Tulsk, we have another exciting month of events this November

Thursday 17th 7pm - 9pm

Tarot Reading
(Cruachan Aí Heritage Centre Tulsk, Co. Roscommon)

Tarot reading by a professional reader: after our successful talk on divination we will be offering Tarot readings at Cruachan Aí. Booking is essential. If you are interested please contact or 071 9639268 to book your place.

Saturday 19th November 2 - 4 pm

Childrens Mask Making Workshop

An opportunity to learn about Celtic arts and traditions which date back to the Iron Age. But besides all that, it#s great craic for the kids! They can create a mask for the Wild Hunt, a mythical hunting party from the otherworld who hunt for sport, or just paint and glue on whatever they feel like making. A great opportunity to entertain the kids for a few hours while you put your feet up in Coffee@Keoghs, or do the weekly shopping in peace. Don't forget our End of Year Gift Sale, with up to 50% off!
Price €5 per child (group discounts 2 or more, €3 per child)If you are interested please contact or 071 9639268 to book your place.

Thursday 24th 7 - 9pm

How to become a published author - Talk & Writing Class

When you have gained control of the vocabulary, mastered your personal style and expelled all those nasty punctuation mistakes, after you have stressed and strained every last imaginative cell in your mind and finally pressed save for the last time - you might want to publish your literary child and release it to the world...
But how? Where do you start? Published author Lora O'Brien offers some hints and tips on where to start, and how to finish, for those who would like to see their work in print.
Price €10
If you are interested please contact or 071 9639268 to book your place.

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2011
‘Spiritual Capital of Connacht’ Conference Weekend

Tulsk, Co Roscommon

Event theme is “Connecting with the Land”, and we are delighted to announce our new spiritual conference event in Roscommon:

Since before history the West & Northwest of Ireland has been a place with a spiritual resonance. A place where Christian scholars kept civilisation alive. A place where belief and landscape merge. A place where you can feel things you can’t touch, where you experience an authentic unspoilt nature and timeless faith. A place where you can open your heart and lift your spirits – Ireland’s Spiritual Heartland.
The ceremonial and spiritual capital of this region is Rathcroghan, in County Roscommon – this is the legendary Cruachan, palace and sacred centre for the Druids, Kings and Queens of Connacht all through the ages.
« Con Connor of Roscommon’s Druid School
Eachtra, a Celtic dreaming, guided visualisation journey with the Cauldron of Vocation and the Realm of Land. Eachtra is the White Mare as the Celtic Goddess and we journey with her to meet the Ancestor Clan where we get an individual message as spiritual guidance.
« Talas Pái of Roscommon’s Huginn Press
Working With the Wights. The numinous is all around us, from temples and trees to your house and car. In this talk, Talas takes an animistic approach to working with the wights, sidhe, vaettir and other spirits. The talk ranges from theoretical to practical — what the wights are and where they fit into the cosmos to how, where and why to approach and work with them.
« Deirdre Wadding of Tall Tales Troubadors
Song of the Land. Every place has its own sound and song; listening for it and singing it back to the land forges a connection. Exploring the ‘Song of Amairgin’ from Irish legend, the use of our native language in magical work, and how the land responds!
« John Sinnott, B.A. Arch, of Irish Heritage Crafts
Sacred Sites: Care and Responsibility. A qualified Archaeologist, Alexandrian 1* and member of Cois Teallaigh Coven in County Roscommon, John has extensive experience working with sacred sites, through both the archaeological and pagan fields. This talk was designed to show that many practices which are viewed as quite standard among pagans, could actually damage the sites we profess to care for.
« Del Eagle, (Sunday Only)
Flower Essences and how they are made, the connection between Earth and Sky
Tantra, the connection between Earth/Body and Spirit

« Francis De’Venney, of Faol Lia Historical Re-enactment Society
Land and Ancestors. A fascinating insight into the ancient Irish psyche, from an anthropologist and accomplished practitioner of 30+ years experience

« Lora O’Brien, Irish Author and Bean Draoí
Goddesses of Connacht: From Medb to the Morrigan, we all know the usual suspects. But what of Flidhais, she of Castlerea sovereignty? What of
Gaillimh inion Breasail, and does her aspect have an effect on the many Brazilians who are drawn to the West of Ireland?! And even Mongfind and Cairenn, ancient rivals who between them birthed the Connachta and the Uí Niall clans? Recommended for those who want to explore their feminine side; will include journeying and self development work, along with a healthy dose of Irish heritage information.


All Month
Cruachan Aí Craft and Book Shop Sale – Stock Clearance for end of Year.
Craft and jewellery reduced 30%, Books reduced 50% - How many weeks til Christmas? Get your gifts for less!!!

Regular Events
Every Thursday Morning - Cruachan Crafters in Cruachan Aí Heritage Centre, 10am to 12.noon. October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th.

Beginner’s Knitting Club
Cruachan Aí Heritage Centre, Tulsk. Tuesday evenings, 5 to 6.30pm. Children’s Teens or Adults, all welcome. Needles and Wool available/for sale, or bring your own! Admission €5. Family discounts available.

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