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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Craft and the Cross

Author: Chris McClintock

Price: €18.00€9.00

The Craft and the Cross examines the birth of sacres symbolism in pre-christiam times, and traces its development and survival into the modern world. This study is the result of a quest to understand the symbols of Freemasonry, and reveals for the first time ever what the obscure allegories actually mean. in coming to understand the true meaning of the rituals and symbols of Freemasonry a picture emerges that is both controversial and unexpected, for it shows a common origin of both the symbols of the Craft and those of Christianity. And that common origin is the anicent veneration of the sun.

Chris McClintock is an author specialising in ancient symbolism. He became an Irish Freemason in 1991, joining Lodge No 754 Coleraine. He became Master of the lodge in 2005. Intrigued by the curious symbolism and gestures used within the workings of the lodge he set about investigating those rituals to try to discover their underlying meanings.

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