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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Had Me Made

Had me Made

Author: Mary B. Timoney

Price: €25.00 €12.50

This book is the result of very great love and very great labor. Mary B. has visited the Sligo graveyards - the well trodden urban one and the small almost forgotten ones - over and over again, waiting for the right light, trying for the third of fourth time to record accurately an inscription, photographing a memorial repeatedly, in case the next photograph is better than all the earlier ones. She has battled through bad weather, inconvenient poor light, dense high weeds and the uneven ground that is so much part of all our graveyards. Mary B. has also spent long hours in local and national archives and libraries in order to identify the families and the individuals who are commemorated and the makers of the memorials.

Mary B. Timoney from Waterford, came in 1979 to teach with Sligo into the memorials and later at Coola. Since May 1984 she has opened up new field of interest for the people of Sligo into the memorials of the dead of the last four centuries, particularly their artwork. She is a member of Sligo Field club of which she has been Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. She is a member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland and the Society for Church Archaeology.

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