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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rathcroghan & Carnfree Book

Rathcroghan & Carnfree

Author: Michael Herity

Price: €8.90 €4.95

This short guide is based on a survey of the antiquities on an area of 100 square kilometers around Cruachan and Carnfree begun before 1980. Investigations at the other major Royal Sites of Ireland, Tara, Tailteann, Tlachtga and Eamhain Macha have provided invaluable comparisons which have aided the interpretation of the Roscommon sites. The work has been assisted by grants from University College Dublin, the National Committee for Archaeology of the Royal Irish Academy, Anglo-Irish Meats and Roscommon County Council.

As there has been little excavation in the area, the identifications presented here of the types to which the various monuments belong are based on field inspection and on comparison with monuments elsewhere in Ireland. The more specific information provided by excavation will probably alter some identifications, especially of partly destroyed sites.

Professor Micheal Herity teaches Archaeology at University College Dublin, where he was Dean of Celtic Studies from 1984 to 1990. A specialist in the Irish Stone Age and its European background, and in the history of Irish antiquarianism, he has also studied Celtic Royal Sites and the layout and feature of Irish heritages and monasteries.

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