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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rathcroghan Book


Author: John Waddell

Price: €45.00 €22.50

Publisher: Wordwell

Cruachan Aí has proven to probably the most enigmatic of all the royal landscapes, yielding finally only to this sustained programme of analysis, combining scientic technology, rigorous scholarship and intimate knowledge of the land acquired over decades of fieldwork: John Waddell's excavation of Dath-í's Mound 28 years ago represents the genesis of this great project. Most of the monuments defy classification and how they are composed into a sacral landscape is ll too often obscured by the overprint of modern field boundaries and roads that carve up what was once a topographical and toponymic continuum. Erase these from the mind's eye and the entrance to the Underworld at Úaim na Cat is restored to its rightful place, across open ground between Rathcroghan Mound and the Mucklaghs and overlooked by Relignaree or the King's Burial-Ground

John Waddell is a professor of Archaeology in the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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